Who We Are

Cleomentary is an organization that has deep roots in solving the mitigating factors that contribute to long term sustained poverty in the U.S., the core elements that surround our mission are proven methods, when implemented, address the needs and resolution of this unacceptable issue in America. “We can eradicate poverty in America”, as Dr. Cleo Blackburn has demonstrated during his lifetime through Nationally and Globally recognized programs, however the effort and resolve that is necessary can only be accomplished with a duplicatable, responsible and sustained undertaking.

The elements that encompass our mission and provide the guide towards a successful transition from poverty rest in four core principles: Providing access to Food and Meals [Eat], providing high quality healthcare to individuals and the underserved [Well], Provide quality education and access to higher education[Brain], provide a clear and unimpeded path toward housing and homeownership [Dwell].

With your purchase from any of the available items from us, 25% of the proceeds are devoted to addressing poverty in America. We provide the resources, tools and techniques to organizations, individuals, families and military members to escape the grip of poverty.

There are numerous organizations that provide services, however what makes Cleomentary unique is that we do not provide food, as an example, we support organizations or provide families the skills necessary to eat healthy, shop wisely, prepare food properly, grow your own food when possible and other methods that lower your overall food cost and provide those families with life changing skills sets that improve a family’s overall life, for the rest of their life.

Cleomentary efforts go beyond starting a conversation about poverty and the issues that surround it, we know what they are and we can end it, right here in America… by engaging and providing the elements necessary towards a successful transition out of it.

Please join our mission, through your purchase, volunteering or other contribution and we will eradicate poverty in America.